Millar is based in Brooklyn, NY. She received her MFA from Boston University, and also studied at the New York Studio School for two years, where she was strongly influenced by the tradition of abstract expressionism. Her paintings are informed by traveling, history, and her semi-conscious desire to celebrate every freakin' atom in the universe. Her abstract and non-abstract work are narrative in nature, relying on drawing and color to create space, time, and dialogue among the images of each painting.

Millar received her Bachelor of Arts degree from Reed College in Portland, Oregon, where she wrote a thesis entitled The Pursuit of Beauty in Art and Religion. This document is available upon request. Millar has an awesome cat named George and an interesting relationship with an African horse. Questions or comments concerning the horse, the artist, or the paintings are welcome.


Boston University, College of Fine Arts
Boston, MA-MFA painting 2005

New York Studio School for Painting and Drawing
New York, NY 1996-1998

Reed College
Portland Oregon, BA in Religion, 1995